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"Ancient Scotland" by Stewart Ross

"The Stewart Dynasty" by Stewart Ross

"Monarchs of Scotland" by Stewart Ross

"So Strange a Monster as a Jesuiste - The Society of Jesus in Sixteenth Century Scotland" by Michael Yellowlees

"Painters of Scotland" by Vivienne Couldrey


"From Breadalbane to Brucker Muhl: Scottish Highland Soldiers in Hesse 1759 - 62" by Axel Koehler

"The Book of Islay" by G. Gregory Smith

"Argyll - The Enduring Heartland" by Marion Campbell

"A Summer in Lochaber" by Catriona Fforde

"The Lords of The Isles - Clan Donald and and the Early Kingdom of the Scots" by Ronald Williams

"The Heather and the Gale - Clan Donald and Clan Campbell during the Wars of Montrose" by Ronald Williams

"Sons of the Wolf - Campbells and MacGregors and the Cleansing of the Inland Glens" by Ronald Williams

"Montrose - Cavalier in Mourning" by Ronald Williams

"Morvern Transformed" by Philip Gaskell

"Tarbert Past and Present" - Gleanings in Local History" by Dugald Mitchell

"Dalmally and the Glens" by Mary MacGrigor


"The Blood is Strong" by Richenda Francis

"For Promised Joy" by Oonagh Morrison

"Son of the Glen" by Sandy Young

"Doctor in the Glen" by Sandy Young

"Dog Collar Diary" by Alexander Cameron

"Vet in the Vestry" with "Poultry in the Pulpit" by Alexander Cameron

"Selected Highland Folk Tales" by R. MacDonald Robertson

"Tales of Whisky and Smuggling" by Stuart McHardy

"Mystical Scotland" by Ann Lindsay Mitchell


"British Airships in Pictures - an illustrated history 1784 - 1998" by Patrick Abbott and Nick Walmsley

Railways of the Scottish Highlands Vol. 1: "The West Highland Railway" by John Thomas, updated by Patersom and Ransom

Railways of the Scottish Highlands Vol. 2: "The Highland Railway" by H.A.Vallance, updated by Clinker and Lambert

Railways of the Scottish Highlands Vol. 3: "The Great North of Scotland Railway" by H.A. Vallance, updated by GNSR Association

Railways of the Scottish Highlands Vol. 4: "The Callander & Oban Railway" by John Thomas, updated by John Farrington

Railways of the Scottish Highlands Vol. 5: "The Skye Railway" by JohnThomas, updated by John Farrington

"Victorian Travel on the West Highland Line" by anonymous author

"The Ballachulish Line" by Duncan Kennedy

"The Military Roads in Scotland" by William Taylor

"New Ways through the Glens" by A.R.B.Haldane

"Country Houses of Scotland" by John Connachan-Holmes

"In Quest of Livingstone - a Journey to the Four Fountains" by Colum Wilson and Aisling Irwin

"West Highland Series" - useful touring guides for motorists and ramblers


"The Light in the Glens" by Len Paterson

"One Man's River - The Clyde in Pictures 1920 - 1980" by Len Paterson

"The Clyde Puffer" by Dan McDonald

"Harpoon at a Venture" by Gavin Maxwell

"Fish and Fisherfolk of Kintyre, Lochfyneside, Gigha and Arran" by Angus Martin

"Herring Fishermen of Kintyre and Ayrshire" by Angus Martin

"The North Herring Fishing: Ring-net Fishermen in the Minches" by Angus Martin


"The Book of Islay" by G. Gregory Smith

"The Clan O'Byrne of Leinster AD 400 - 1700: a Compilation of of Available Historical Information" by Paul J. Burns

NEW "The Byrnes and The O'Byrnes" (4 vols.) by Daniel Byrne-Rothwell

"A Very Fine Class of Immigrants: Prince Edward Island's Scottish Pioneers 1770 - 1850" by Lucille H. Campey

"The Lithuanians in Scotland" by John Millar

"Clan MacFarlane: A History" by Angus MacFarlane


"The Baptist Church in Colonsay 1812 - 2012" by J McNeill and E McNeill

"The Book of Islay" by G. Gregory Smith

"St. Kilda - A Voyage to the Edge of the World" by W.R.Mitchell

"Island of Kerrera, Mirror of History" by Hope MacDougall of MacDougall

"Jura: Language and Landscape" by Gary McKay

"Colonsay: Elements of an Island" by Brian Hindmarch

"Birds of Colonsay and Oransay" by David Jardine

"The Flowering Plants of Colonsay & Oransay" by P.M.Clarke & J.Clarke

"The Crofter and the Laird" by John McPhee

"Moch is Anmoch" by Donald A. MacNeill

"Colkitto! A Celebration of Clan Donald of Colonsay 1570 - 1647" by Kevin Byrne

"Lonely Colonsay - Island at the Edge" by Kevin Byrne

"Colonsay -One of the Hebrides" by Murdoch McNeill

"Summer in the Hebrides" by Mrs. Frances Murray

"Colonsay's Fallen" by Alan Davis


JOHN McPHEE: "The Crofter and the Laird" Pulitzer Prize-winning author

JOHN McPHEE: "The Survival of the Bark Canoe" Pulitzer Prize-winning author

JOHN McPHEE: "The Founding Fish" Pulitzer Prize-winning author

NAOMI MITCHISON: "Lobsters on the Agenda"

NAOMI MITCHISON: "Early in Orcadia"

NAOMI MITCHISON: "Small Talk" with "All Change Here"


NEIL GUNN: "The Other Landscape"

NEIL GUNN: "Off in a Boat"

NEIL MUNRO: "The Lost Pibroch and other Shieling Stories"

NEIL MUNRO: "Jaunty Jock and Other Stories"

NEIL MUNRO: "The Daft Days"

NEIL MUNRO: "Children of Tempest"

NEIL MUNRO SOCIETY: "Exploring New Roads - Essays on Neil Munro"

"NEIL MUNRO - THE BIOGRAPHY" by Lesley Lendrum


"The Finding" by Catherine Forde

"Think Me Back" by Catherine Forde

"The Stone Men" by Murray Herbert


"Dr. Lachlan Grant of Ballachulish - His Life and Times" by Dr. Roderick Macleod

"Alexander III, King of Scots" by Marion Campbell

"Montrose: Cavalier in Mourning" by Ronald Williams

"Neil Munro: The Biography" by Lesley Lendrum

"Small Talk" with "All Change Here" by Naomi Mitchison

"Fearchair a' Ghunna: The Ross-shire Wanderer" by anonymous author

"Finlay McQueen of St. Kilda" by W.R.Mitchell

"Anna Buchan and O. Douglas" by Wendy Forrester

"Colkitto!" by Kevin Byrne

"Jack B. Yeats: A Vision of Ireland" by John Booth


West Highland Series: A series of guides and historical essays for use by walkers and motorists visiting Scotland's West Highlands

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