"A Very Fine Class of Immigrants" Prince Edward Island's Scottish Pioneers 1770 - 1850

AUTHOR: Lucille H.Campey
ISBN: 1 896219 10 1
PRICE: £15.99
PAGES: 150

Previous studies of early Scottish emigration to the New World have tended to concentrate on the miseries of evictions and the destruction of old communities ...
In this groundbreaking study of the influx of Scots to Prince Edward Island, the widely held assumption that emigration was solely a flight from poverty is challenged. By uncovering previously unreported ship crossings, as well as a wide range of maunscripts and under-used sources such as customs records and newspaper shipping reports, the book provides the most comprehensive account to date of the influx of Scots to the Island.

"A Fine Class of Immigrants" is essential reading for individuals wishing to trace family links or deepen their undrerstanding of how and why Prince Edward Island came to acquire its distinctive Scottish communities. And, by accessing, for the first time, shipping sources like Lloyd's List and the Lloyd's Shipping Register, the author brings a new dimension to our understanding of emigrant travel.

Campey demonstrates that far from travelling on disease-ridden leaky tubs, as popularly imagined, the Island's Pioneer Scots usually crossed the Atlantic on the best available ships of the time.

I Push, Pull & Opportunity
II The First Arrivals from Scotland
III The Selkirk Settlers of 1803
IV The Coming of the Timber Trade
V Emigrants from Dumfriesshire
VI Later arrivals from Skye
VII Leaky Tubs or First Class Ships?
VIII He Thinks Himself Already a Prince

APPENDIX I Extant Passenger Lists for ship crossings from Scotland to P.E.I.

APPENDIX II Emigrant Ship Crossings from Scotland to P.E.I.

Notes, Bibliography, Index etc




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