"COLONSAY - One of the Hebrides"

AUTHOR: Murdoch McNeill
ISBN: 1 899863 36 2
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A facsimile edition of a rare work, first published 1910 ...

and written by a gifted, Gaelic-speaking botanist whose career had included a spell at Kew Gardens. In due course he returned to his birthplace, Colonsay. As Head Gardener and Estate Manager he found time to catalogue the native species of the island and his work was to be the basis of all such studies for the next 80 years and more.

In the course of his research, Murdoch McNeill collected other information and records, as is reflected in the full title of his work: "COLONSAY, One of the Hebrides. Its Plants: Their Local Names and Uses. Legends, Ruins and Pace Names. Gaelic Names of Birds, Animals and Fishes. Notes on Climate and Geology."

Murdoch McNeill was particularly interested in preserving the Gaelic names and traditional uses of the plants he found. His memorial stone, erected by An Comun Gaidhealach, quotes a very appropriate text from Ecclesiastes Ch. 3, Vs. 11 "Rinn e gach ni maiseach 'na am fein".

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Ch. 1 General description of Colonsay and Oransay Page 3
Ch. 2 Climate (of the Inner Hebrides) Page 45
Ch. 3 Geological formation of Colonsay and Oransay Page 54
Ch. 4 Woods, Lochs and Pastures described in narrative form Page 69
THE FLORA pp 86 - 204
Index pp 205 - 216

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